Basic Building Parameter


Building length

Building Length is the sum of all bay lengths. For flush end wall, this is measured as the distance between outside flanges of two end wall columns on opposite end walls. For by-pass end walls, it is measured as the distance between outer faces of wall girt along two end walls.

Building width

Width of a building is defined as the distance between the outer sides of two eave struts along two sides of the building.

Building Height

Height of a building, usually termed as eave height, is the height of top outer point of the eave strut from finished floor.

End Bay

The first of last bay of the Building as opposed to interior bay.

Interior Bay

The distance between the center lines of two adjacent interior rigid frames.

Pitch or Roof Slope

Roof Slope is defined as the angle between the inclined roof surface to the horizontal surface and is commonly 1/10 but it may change due to demand of building.